Procurement Services

Clients select Computer Tower, Inc. CTI's procurement services after making a Best Value Judgment. CTI offers competitive pricing, solid technical recommendations and authorized service. Our reputation for standing behind our recommendations builds true partnerships between clients and our company. At CTI, our focus is on you, the customer.
CTI supplies and supports software, computers, networking equipment, printers and other peripherals from the following



Hardware CPU’s
Apple  Compaq DEC  Dell Epson  Fujitsu / HAL Gateway  Hewlett Packard HP – UX Systems IBM Lexmark Lexmark NEC Okidata Panasonic Tektronix Toshiba QMS Zenith

3COM  AT&T  Cabletron  Cisco  Compaq  Epson  Hayes  IBM  Intel  Megahertz  Standard Microsystems  Toshiba   US Robotics

Software/ Operating Systems
AIX Apple HP-UX IBM Linux MicroSoft Novell

Storage, Memory & Expansion
Apple Chinon CMS Colorado Compaq Exabyte Hewlett Packard IBM Intel IOMEGA Kingston Maxtor NEC Seagate Toshiba Quantum

Monitors & Projection Equipment
Compaq CTX Dell Gateway Hewlett Packard IBM In Focus Mag InnoVision Proxima Mitsubishi NEC Sony Tangent 




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